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June 8th, 2018
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The Employee's Guide to
N. J. Workers' Compensation Law
• The necessity of requesting medical treatment through workers' compensation if you are
hurt at work, and how to deal with the carrier's efforts to micromanage your medical
• How to correctly calculate your temporary disability rate, totaling 70% of your gross
average weekly wages, including overtime, up to $903/week.
• The carrier's right to schedule you for an "independent" medical examination, and the
pitfalls of attending such an exam.
• Recommendations for dealing with a nurse case manager.
• Tips for communicating with the workers' compensation physician.
• Discover why the insurance carrier sent you a check for "partial permanent disability"
benefits and learn how much more your case is actually worth.
• Steps for you and/or your physician to take if your medical bills are not being paid.
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